Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The benefits of outsourcing email campaigns

Do you have the resources and the time to manage your email campaigns in-house effectively or would it make more sense to outsource your email delivery? If this is a question to which you need answers, read on to find out the benefits of using an external email provider to send and manage your email campaigns.

Any email campaign is only as good as the number of people who actually open your email and read it, and to find that out you need to analyse the results. So the first consideration is, do you have the time to investigate who opened your email and discover what they clicked on, who unsubscribed and which emails bounced? It is only by analyzing the results that you can gain a better understanding about your audience, who they are and what they are interested in. Without analysising the results you do not know if you are achieving your business goals and objectives. And, of course, once you’ve scrutinized the results you have to act on the information – deal with bounced emails, spam complaints and subscribe and unsubscribe requests. In outsourcing your email campaign all these issue will be dealt with. For example an automated system will remove hard bounced emails and automatically resend you email to those addresses which soft bounced.

The second consideration is can you deliver the email campaign effectively? An automated campaign will use mail servers that are recognized a legitimate senders of bulk email. They will, therefore, ensure your campaigns have a much better chance of being delivered and your server will not be blacklisted.

Thirdly, using an external email delivery will give you the option to easily target your campaign to different audiences. You will be able to use the same campaign but split it up with different subject lines so that you can see which is more effective, personalize emails to individual subscribers, archive campaigns, integrate subscriber forms within your website and send targeted emails to groups within your main email list.

Keeping up with ever developing, fast-paced software development can be a headache. So the fourth benefit of outsourcing is that you don’t have to worry about the keeping up with the latest releases of software as your email service provider will have the responsibility of keep abreast of technology to ensure your campaigns are delivered as quickly and efficient as possible. In addition, you will not have to constantly train your in-house team to keep up with the latest software developments.

The fifth benefit is that all your campaign details are kept securely off your premises in a remote data centre. The centre will have uninterrupted power supply, environmental controls and state-of-the-art security.

And finally, sixth on the list of benefits is that it gives you time to focus on your clients rather than your technology. You can work more effectively on getting the right message to your audience at the right time. It will eliminate the administrative work of producing an effective email campaign and allow you to focus on your customers and serve them better.

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