Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The recipe for creating the perfect email marketing list

This recipe is intended for marketers with some experience, who can act creatively, have company authority and influence over the CRM.
You will need:
  • A company-wide database or CRM containing contact details, email address and opt-in verification.
  • Ideas to make communication work internally and externally
  • The authority to ask other departments to get involved with data capture
  • A plan which builds data capture into every interaction your company has with customers
  • Visibility, shared goals and clear processes for data capture

To begin:

Spread the word internally that you are creating a perfect email marketing list. Explain why, how and ask for help. Give your colleagues the tools they need to help you collect data, information sheets, explanations of your data policy and processes to update data individually or pass information through to a specific person in your team.

Next, contact customers, check their details are up to date and that they are happy to receive information by email from you. Record this on your CRM. This can be done by email, a call to action on their statements, over the phone whenever they call in, an outbound phone campaign… whatever is the suitable scale of action for your business. For a quicker result get your data professionally verified by a data cleaning company so that you can focus on cleaning up the bad email addresses.

Meanwhile, create a plan to maintain your email data over time. This should include getting clean opted-in data from new customers, as well as unsubscribing emails immediately when asked. Your mail delivery service should make the last bit easy. Avoid asking unsubscribers if they really mean it.

Identify who will be responsible for updating email addresses and doing spot checks on your CRM data. It’s a good idea to spot check new customers each month, to make sure the data going into your list is clean.

Integrate actions for your email list development within every aspect of your marketing plans. Gather opted-in emails from exhibitions, on-pack calls to action, social media activity, your sales team, accounts and customer service departments.

Your list will rise with the warmth from your attention, but don’t let it get cold. For instance, draw up a list of organisations with similar customer profiles. Approach them with suggestions to devise joint communications that may build both your lists.

Keep your promises to your opted in list. If you say you will be in touch once a month with a newsletter do just that and no more. (Newsletters are one of the most effective forms of email marketing.)

If you send emails more regularly with special offers or opportunities that are time limited ask for a separate opt in and make the subject line clearly different. Don’t confuse your email targets or they will flip you into spam or just not bother opening your content. This will make all your hard work go up in smoke.

Stir your data carefully, segment as relevant and add an effective, innovative email marketing plan.

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