Thursday, 19 May 2016

New reporting tools for your API email data insights

Your email validation results paint a data picture - take a look

We've created a new dashboard that lets Realtime API users see their data, model it over time and spot patterns and anomalies that could help any business be more effective.

Your new dashboard shows your results in a variety of formats. This is great for people who would rather look at graphs and see patterns than work through many thousands of rows of data results and sort spreadsheets.

Choose a date range and immediately Email Hippo will plot the data validated during that time as one of a variety of graphs. Click on a graph type to see your data displayed differently. Now you can easily look at what your data tells you. By selecting any day you can dig deeper into the data and with just a click, see what your emails were telling you.

Daily reports in detail by email category

For example, if there is a day with a relatively high number of bad emails, just click on the day and the right hand donut graph will automatically show you the results. Then click on the "Detailed Results" tab and select "Bad" from the drop-down. The donut will be redrawn and will show you the consolidated results of every bad email that was validated that day. In an example we looked at, our bad emails were primarily from a batch that had no MX server - so no mailbox. In a live business situation, that would let us check out what was happening online on that day - were we hit by fraudsters trying to get in with bad email addresses? Maybe a human error in a process was letting bad emails through to the database?  Perhaps a firewall was down or something else had happened that we didn't know about...?

Spotting patterns in your data will help you pinpoint incremental or step improvements to your systems.

We continually improve service and products at Email Hippo. If you have any feedback about the new dashboard, or would like to become part of our Beta group for product developments, please let us know.

Here is a video link to an Email Hippo Realtime API dashboard example


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