Tuesday, 13 September 2016

3 quick email wins for your seasonal campaign

Shape up your email validation this season

Now is the time to work through your marketing campaign if you are serious about online retail.

The summer holidays are over and for retail businesses it’s all about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and ultimately, Christmas. Do you know what terms you’re bidding for? What products you are pushing? Or whether your warehouse can cope with the strain of a successful campaign?

It’s the time of year when marketers start sweating the BIG stuff. We’re suggesting that if you spend just a little bit of time hooking email validation into your campaign you can improve your revenues, your effectiveness and save time.

This article aims to show you how focusing on 3 areas of your email validation can improve your bottom line this season, and into 2018.

3 easy ways to improve your campaign

1. Integrate in-line verification in your check-out / account sign up to reduce fraud. Time needed – less than 1 day

People who intend to commit fraud are likely to use a false or temporary email address. Flush them out before check-out by using email validation at point of entry. [email protected]? Not today thank you.

Integrating an email validation API in your customer sign-up process should take your IT guys less than a day. Reputable email validators provide a sand-box for testing. Reduced fraud will improve revenues and be a general cross-departmental crowd pleaser. Choose an email validation company that isolates email addresses for detailed reasons, so you can identify emails by type. e.g. Disposable, spam-traps, invalid...

2. Integrate in-line email verification to improve your marketing effectiveness. Additional time needed - 0

Having in-line verification active will also enable you to build a reliable database of valid addresses and be able to get in touch more effectively with important sell-up, cross-sell and fulfilment messages.
Seasonal campaigns create valuable opportunities to engage with your customers and your emails will be more likely to be opened than at other times in the year as part of "ordinary" communications. Capturing only the good email addresses will make your follow-up messaging more effective.

3. Use email validation regularly to keep your email lists clean – an hour or so a month

Save yourself from wasting time deciphering stats that are skewed by bounce backs and other non-deliverables. Checking a list of >1,000,000 email addresses takes minutes – not hours. Use a system like Email Hippo that provides match-back features so you can upload data, check emails and reload it to your CRM painlessly. No need to worry about mis-matched fields on your database.

That’s it. 3 easy ways to use email validation to make your seasonal campaign more effective. 

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