Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Welcome to your new bulk email verification service from Email Hippo

Our gift to you - the best just got better!

More good news for bulk email verification users.  Your scheduled free upgrade is live and includes the following new features;

Bigger file uploads - scaleable for your needs

We've increased the upper limit for your one-off upload files. You'll see a new limit when you log in to your portal. This increase will be of huge benefit to customers who routinely validate large files.

"How fast is it Simon?" "Lightning Fast!"

We've re-assigned our server workloads and introduced new servers in more countries. We've always been quick but we asked our Cloud Solutions Engineer, Simon to describe it. He isn't one for exaggerating, so when he said; "Lightning Fast" we knew we had something special.

Our IP is important to us, so without sharing secrets about Bulk Email Verification the background processes you never see are extraordinarily efficient. Every milli-second we shave off our response time benefits you and we're very, very happy with our ability to deliver quick, accurate results.

Even easier to use; enjoy your new Match-Back feature with unlimited columns

If you upload CSV files with hundreds or even thousands of columns we'll extrapolate the emails, validate them and match the fresh data back. There is no limit to the number of columns in the files you upload. This new feature makes it easier for you to upload files and easier to use the data we return.  We think it will also help you as it means the email validation service we provide is easy for new members of staff to understand.

Special Notice: We receive entire databases and CRM records from time to time and fields can include sensitive information. Our data handling is secure and we conform to ISO 27001 information security systems management but we want to point out that it is better practise not to send all your customer data outside of your environment. If you do choose to send us your entire database complete with customer information, rather than just the emails, be assured that it is secure and we'll match back the results to make it easy for you to absorb. If you'd like to know more about our data security we're happy to answer your questions.

Here is a useful article about data security in the cloud.

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