Monday, 28 November 2016

Data we supply about your emails

What do we tell you about your emails?

Email Hippo customers have different reasons for using our services, so the information we provide about the emails we check is important for different reasons.

Here's a quick spin through the properties that we report on.

One Time Lists

One Time List Dashboard options
When you send us a list of emails we take great care to give you your data back in the same order it arrived in. We simply add 5 columns to the end of your data. The columns show you the following;

1. Confirmation of the email address we checked
2. Status (OK / Bad  / Unknown.)
3. Additional status information
4. Domain country code
5. Mail server country code

These 5 columns give you the information you need to clean your email lists. In addition it helps you cross check the location of domains and mail servers, which may be useful information to you commercially.

Emails verified using Realtime API

Customers using our API to check emails receive additional information about each email address.
The columns are;
Realtime API Dashboard options
1. Confirmation of the email address we checked
2. Status (OK / Bad  / Unknown.)
3. Additional status information
4. Role (is the email address role based, e.g. [email protected])
5. Free (is the email from a free email provider)
6. Disposable (is the email a disposable email address)
7. Domain  - the domain of the email address
8. User - named user

This information helps indicate whether the email is from a trustworthy source. Information about free and disposable email addresses is often used by our customers to filter against potential fraud. It's also valuable to indicate the quality of an email list.

Both sets of services are available to all our customers from their dashboard.

For all lists, we provide dynamic, useful reports that give visual information about your list and the characteristics of the email addresses.

Our development process includes further property reporting, to ensure the information we give helps customers make informed business decisions. We're especially active in developing properties that help customers counter fraud. If fraud is a concern for you, please stay tuned for news of our upgrades and updates. We are doing lots of things that you will like...

If you're curious about the additional information we provide for each status, read about our codes here.

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