Friday, 20 January 2017

Information security systems in the email validation industry ISO 27001

Email Hippo has raised the standard for the email validation industry

Great news!

ISO 27001 is an international standard that’s the cornerstone of best practise for information security.

Our information security management systems are now ISO 27001 certified. That means we offer ‘best of breed’ systems on an international level and that we are committed to maintaining and continually improving our systems.
To gain the certification we had to align with the most stringent standards. Our information security management systems have been audited in detail by an independent authority.

So why did we put ourselves through the challenge? To show that we are different. And better.

We sit proudly alongside just over 10,000 companies in Europe that have taken the time, effort and expense to invest in their information security systems and attain this standard. Better than that, we’re one of only 2 companies providing a standalone email checking service that is ISO 27001 certified. (The other guys are an awful lot bigger and cost an awful lot more☺.)

At Email Hippo we’re committed to offering our customers ‘affordable excellence’.

It’s a proper ongoing commitment that’s at the centre of everything we do. That’s why we have taken the time, effort and expense to become certified to an ISO 27001 standard. We make excellent email validation accessible to all companies, whatever their scale by keeping our standards high and our prices realistic.
This day and age, with data breaches and identify theft making daily headlines, you need to be sure you can trust any company that has access to your data. But when you’re choosing an email validation supplier it can be hard to make ‘like for like’ comparisons. The industry is full of technical jargon and because email checking is usually delivered online, you rarely get to meet the people who will be involved. You can't look people in the eye, yet you are required to trust them with your data.
Our new accreditation is proof that your data is being treated with respect, that our systems are robust and that you can trust us.

ISO 27001  - the little logo that is a big deal to Email Hippo.

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