Thursday, 23 February 2017

Email On Deck domain updates

Email on Deck is a service providing disposable email addresses

Disposable, or 'burner' or temporary or transient... email addresses are those that exist for a short period of time and enable a user to sign-up for a service and disappear into the ether.

We've written before about how Email On Deck domains are on the SpamHaus block list. SpamHaus is the world's most widely used anti spam service. We're not alone in disliking Email On Deck. The briefest of online searches today returns information linking Email on Deck with scam sites and revoked business licences.

But why is it that we take such a dim view of disposable email addresses? And Email on Deck in particular? And what are we doing about it?

Why the dim view of disposable email addresses ?

These are the the reasons why people use disposable email addresses;

1. Signing into a forum to be untraceable
2. Staying anonymous online to 'prevent spam'
3. To commit credit card fraud

From our extensive experience of validating email addresses, spotting patterns and considering the outcomes of disposable email address usage, we make a direct link between use of disposable email addresses and bad actions.

We provide services to clean lists and remove DEA's and also to prevent them being entered online in real-time via our API. In addition, we share a free DEA detector tool. 

Email on Deck provides disposable email addresses on ever-changing domains.

If you are trading online and trying to prevent fraudulent use of your services you need to be able to filter disposable email addresses. We recommend you don't have disposable addresses cluttering up your mailing lists - and you certainly don't want to trade with anyone who doesn't want to hang around for more than a few minutes...

Unless you are really into email address detection, it's hard to stay up to date with domains that are used for temporary email addresses.

So here is what we are doing about Email on Deck

Luckily, we get a kick out of trapping DEA domains. We trace, we watch, we learn and we add domains to our list and flag them to our real-time users. All Email Hippo customers (and the wider email validation community) benefit from our pro-active hunting of Email on Deck addresses.

Here's today's new domain.

We'll keep posting them.

Read our post about Email on Deck and SpamHaus
New to email validation? Learn more about what we look out for as 'tells' to identify how deliverable an email address is.


  1. Just published 39 aliases used over the last 6 months @

  2. EmailOnDeck changing tactics from using junky domain names (e.g. to relatively intelligible domain name ( as of March 9th '17).

    We detected the new domain and strategy in real-time as always.

    EmailHippo real time API customers can be assured that EmailOnDeck addresses are detected immediately.


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