Monday, 13 March 2017

Yahoo! Email addresses - what's happening?

Lately we have a new word in the office.

It's Yah-boo.

Yahoo! is in a state of flux and we've noticed technical changes that have made it impossible to validate Yahoo! email domains within degrees of accuracy that are acceptable to us.

Because of these changes, we're no longer offering to validate Yahoo! email addresses for lists with our special level of accuracy. We pioneered accurate levels of validation for Yahoo! domains, so for now by switching off our specific Yahoo! service, we'll be validating them with a similar level of accuracy as other reputable providers.

An overview of Yahoo! technology in relation to email validation.

You may have heard negative things about Yahoo, regarding wide-scale hacking and security breaches. You may also be aware that Yahoo! has been up for sale, has found a buyer and is going through a process of due diligence.

The business press has been reporting about the purchase of Yahoo! for some time, and as recently as January 2017 there was speculation about whether the brand / company had been devalued so much by security issues that the sale may not complete.

We can only imagine how the double-whammy of high-profile security breaches, resulting in millions of email accounts being hacked, and the process of being on the market has impacted Yahoo! email systems. As close observers to Yahoo! email systems, with patterns and processes noted over many years, we can confidently report that all is not as it was.

If you've got queries about Yahoo! content on your list please let us know.

If you would like to read more about the sale of Yahoo! internet business, check this NPR article out. It's very useful.

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