Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Announcing API Version 3 (code named 'more') General Availability

Email Verification and Data Enrichment (v3) Now Available

email address validation and data enrichment services

I am delighted to announce the general availability of our next generation of email verification services (which we've code-named 'more').

An official press release will follow soon but, as CEO and a still a 'techie' at heart, I wanted to provide an up-front heads up on this version because I believe that many of our existing and soon-to-be customers will share my excitement and enthusiasm for what can now be done with just an email address as a source (or 'seed') of data.


This is radical stuff! More data about an email address than you ever imagined possible.

Sign up for a demo and check this out for yourself!


We've been in the email verification business since 2009. From a human perspective (as in the daily routine of our company), running a successful technology business for nearly 8 years (as of the date of this posting) feels like an awfully long time!

Today, in 2017, with thousands of happy customers across the world and hundreds of millions of email addresses checked, we like to think that we've learned a thing or two about email addresses over the years. These learnings translate into very tangible and valuable experience and knowledge. Like any knowledge, it's value is in the application rather than the retention.

Sharing of knowledge and experience is why we created Version 3 ('more') to deliver a service that is unsurpassed in all areas.

Our Design Objectives and Goals

We wanted to deliver a service that is as comprehensive as possible in terms of analysing not only email addresses but the intent of the person behind the email address.

In the design brief, we wanted to create a product that must:
  • Verify email addresses for syntax, DNS and mailbox deliver-ability (our core service to date)
  • Provide some idea of the quality of the email box
  • Provide some idea of the intent (good, neutral, bad) of the person behind the email box
  • Deliver additional, relevant value added data for two of our customers' main use cases (anti-spam and lead generation)
  • Do all of the above as fast as possible in near real-time

What We Achieved

Simply put, we achieved "more" as in:
  • More features
  • More privacy and security
  • More data
  • More speed
  • More accuracy
  • More integration options
I appreciate that the above sound a little too good to be true but we really have achieved this from the perspective of looking around the current market to see what else is available from our competitors.

Why You Might Care - Features And Benefits

To save repeating myself, please see the full list of features and benefits.

As someone dealing with email addresses, you might have already made the connection between the quality of the email address and the quality of the lead / customer.

Email Hippo worked this out many years ago and now with version 3 ('more') of our services we share this data with our customers for the first time ever.

Version 3 is about providing our customers with the data that they need to answer a very important question that they may have with regards to an email address that they've never seen before. The question is this:

Can I trust the person behind this email address enough to do business with them?

Version 3 ('more') services are carefully engineered to help answer this question by delivering the analysis and metrics that can and do establish quality and intent of the email box and user behind it with a good degree of accuracy.

Proof - Eating Our Own Dog Food

We used to have a problem with Charge Backs. For the uninitiated, 'Charge Backs' is one type of financial fraud and is a major problem for online merchants (such as ourselves) selling digital services. 

A 'Charge Back' is where someone uses a stolen credit card or payment method to pay for services. Later (up to 6 months in some cases), the 'real card holder' spots the fraudulent payment and calls their bank to report the fraud. The bank responds by immediately taking the money back from the online merchant. As an online merchant, only one word describes this type of fraud - 'Ouch'!

At it's worse (before we took steps to mitigate fraudulent customers), our Charge Back profile was ~ 30% of our total monthly revenue). 

With our mitigation steps implemented (many of which are powered by early v3 email address verification technology), our current (as of May '17) Charge Back rate is < 0.14% of monthly revenue).

So, we have conclusively established that there is a correlation between an email address and the intended behaviour behind it.

The technology (analysis and scoring) works for us. Good news is that it can work for our customers too!

How to Get V3 ('more')

Sign up for a demo. Details can be found from inside your customer portal.

Wrapping Up

I can say that a lot of work has gone into this product. My thanks go to The Team here at Email Hippo for bringing this product to market.

I hope that our customers really do benefit from this radical new service and that it helps in many ways to improve the daily lives of business people by enabling our customers to reduce some of their daily stresses by not having to deal with the bad email addresses and the bad actors of this world.

More (excuse the pun) to follow over the coming days, weeks and months.

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