Thursday, 25 May 2017

Email validation bench-marking ..and that's why we use Email Hippo

We are often told by new customers that they ran benchmark tests and chose us because we're better than everyone else at validating emails. Nice sounds.

So we thought we should share Joe Leon's story. Here it is...

Steward is a sales research company that builds dozens of targeted lead lists each month. All lists are backed by a 100% quality guarantee, so if the data doesn’t make the grade, profits are on the line. It’s attention to quality that sets Steward apart and goes some way to explaining why they are growing so fast in the marketplace.

Joe Leon says...

Joe Leon, founder of Steward says; “Staying up to date on data is a crazy task. We’ve invested in quality to make it as accurate as possible. We expect a 1 to 2% bounce rate. However, if we go above that rate we’ll lose money. Data accuracy is vital to us.”

So when Steward needed an email validation supplier they knew they had to choose carefully.

Speed, Quality and Price

Joe got his team together and they identified 3 criteria to check every potential supplier for API against; speed, quality of results and finally, price.

“Email Hippo just blew the others out of the water”

"We spent so much time trying to find the partner. We came up with special tests and went through our data to hand pick emails that we knew we would be challenging. We made a dataset where we knew the results and then we tested all the key players."

"Only Hippo came up with all the right answers"

There was a crossover for most of the services we tested, with a few noteworthy, terrible exceptions. For the services we rated as ‘good’ there was about a 90% crossover of similar results. In the last 10% , well that’s where Hippo just shines. Only Hippo came up with all the answers.

“Depending on the project, we may charge more than some other lead generation companies, but our clients are happy because they’re receiving the highest quality product because we take time to do our research. We really do care about the quality of our product. Once people understand how we are different, they are happy to pay a higher price. Ultimately we save them time and money and provide them with a stronger foundation to succeed in their sales efforts.  
And that’s why we use Email Hippo.”

If you'd like us to share your Email Hippo story please get in touch.

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