Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Email Deliverability Explained - book review

How to get email into the inbox

Thank you Ken O'Driscoll for taking the time to write a book that is the definitive guide to email deliverability.

If you're reading this you're probably interested in email marketing or email validation.
Chances are you have spent a few hours of your life drifting around online searches and cobbling together piecemeal information about whatever answer it is you're looking for.

Trust Ken and learn from him about email deliverability

Our advice? Trust Ken. Instead of getting fragmented help online (often from companies with a vested interest) order the book from Amazon, download it or get it snail mail, kick back and read it cover to cover.

Ken takes just under 100, clear, authoritative, easy-to-read pages to describe everything you need to know about how to get your emails delivered. This book leads you through the background of email delivery, to help you understand what changes you may need to make to improve your delivery scores. Ultimately, this book will improve your business effectiveness.

If you are a marketer, this book will help you relate more to IT peers and learn how to manage your data and technical content. If you are in IT but haven't thought in a joined up way about email deliverability, this book will help you understand how to support your marketing colleagues. It's an interesting, informative read that will give you the tools to be better at your job.

No fluff - just sound advice

This isn't a fluffy marketing book that talks about content and design; it's a book to help you technically and mechanically do all you can to raise your deliverability game. Well....strictly speaking, content is mentioned, but it's done from a technical viewpoint to help improve your deliverability. For example, read advice about the colours to use for content so that your HTML version isn't seen as spam. Cool.

We're very pleased to be one of only two companies mentioned by Ken and confirmed as a company to trust with email validation. Email Hippo is one of the good guys in the email world and it's always a pleasure to be recognised for all the right reasons.

Chapters include detail about white, grey and blacklists, spam traps and domain & IP reputation and much more

The book has eleven chapters, each covering topics in accessible detail. These include whitelisting, blacklists, spam traps, list hygiene, domain and IP reputation (my favourite chapter) feedback loops, content filtering, behavioural filtering and email authentication.

Each is covered in the same, down to earth, sensible way. There is technical content; this isn't a patronising 'for Dummies' book. It is a straightforward read though and perfectly easy to follow. To paraphrase Ken's overview; the book is written as a reference piece and it assumes a level of interest or knowledge that reflects the fact that you're interested enough to read it in the first place.

As a piece of written work dishing out advice, it's just up there in a different league from information on marketing / technology blogs and forums - this is the only reference you will need to nail emailing effectively.

Checklists make this email reference book even more useful

I love the fact that the book ends with a series of eight checklists, so you can audit your processes and identify the areas you need to tighten up on in order to get your email deliverability rate improved.

A key message in the book is the need to be aware of your organisations' presence online from a technical standing, as seemingly tiny, insignificant things can add up to give you a negative reputation.

It's just become required reading for every new Email Hippo employee! 

To get yours click here. It costs just £2.80 GBP which is an absolute bargain.

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