Monday, 17 July 2017

What is a disposable email address? Do you need to use one?

Why use a disposable email address?

Join hackers, racists and fraudsters when you cross the line

Every day there's another article in another IT magazine or newspaper 'home office' section, advising people how to use a disposable email address when they sign-up for online transactions.

If you are an honest person, wanting to engage online with businesses, order goods and services we recommend you don't use disposable email addresses.

Disposable email addresses are used by people who want to remain anonymous. There's a high correlation between using a disposable email address (DEA) and committing fraud online.

Just last week the New York Times reported (another) hate crime where a DEA user hid behind a Guerrillamail disposable email address and raised hoax bomb threats that look to be racially motivated.

Would you choose to hang out with thieves and racists and fraudsters in real life? No? So why join their crowd online?

If you're an ordinary citizen, just wanting to go about your business online and you're thinking about using a disposable email address, think again.

Disposable, or 'burner' email address users will soon be blocked from online transactions

Increasingly, these addresses are being used as a 'tell' for companies like us that look to stop bad behaviour. For example, our software is used by companies selling online so that disposable email addresses are blocked at the point when the person behind the address tries to sign up for an account.

There are lists of disposable email domains (the bit after the @ symbol in an email address) curated online so that DEAs are filtered off databases and users are stopped from signing up for anything online.

A DEA isn't the best way to keep your mailbox clean and stop spam

Nobody likes being hassled by sales emails for things they don't want. And that's the reason that tempts most ordinary people into using a DEA. But there are better ways to keep your mailbox clean than using a disposable email address.

For a checklist of how to keep your mailbox clean - read on here
For a link to a typical list of curated DEA domains - look here
For more information about the link between fraud and DEAs - read here

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